If you would like to stay up to date with what I'm writing then subscribing via one of the following options is a great idea. This means you don’t have to keep checking back to the site itself to see whether it has been updated. This is a convenient way to see what's new, and will save you a lot of time and effort. There are two ways you can subscribe:

1. Subscribe by RSS Feed

Many people read my blog by using a free RSS reader, which allows you to add your favorite sites and easily check to see when they've been updated.

What is RSS/Feed?
Most blogs (and many corporate websites) publish their updates in RSS form which is like a simplified version of their website. The idea is that you subscribe to their feed/RSS and read the website in your own personal feed reader. This means that you can add all your favorite sites to your free feed reader and see all the updates in one place. For those of you with 20 or 30 favorite sites it saves you a lot of time as you no longer have to go to the site to see if it has updated.

Here is a short 3 minute video that explains how RSS feeds work:

I use Google Reader as my feed reader but there are tons of others you can use to read your favorite feeds. You can also use the built in RSS reader that comes with the Firefox web browser, which is my choice over IE or any others. To subscribe to Take A Peck via RSS Feed click here.

  1. Email Subscription

Another popular way to stay tuned in to what I'm writing is to receive updates by email. This way you will get all my newest posts delivered straight to your inbox.

I definitely won't share your email with anyone else, and if for some reason you aren't enjoying the updates, you can opt out at any time.

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