Keep Sponsors Happy with SponsorshipPRO+ Presentation Software

The Challenge:

Teams and properties often include a lot of different assets in packages for sponsors. Signage, radio and TV spots, other media, experiences, tickets and more and the impressions, ratings and other metrics can be difficult to keep track of. When sponsors ask for results at the end of a season or after an event, you need to be able to tell them exactly what they got and what the results were to ensure that they are happy with what they paid for.

The Solution:

SponsorshipPRO+ presentation software

I was fortunate to speak with Tom Stipes recently about his company and its SponsorshipPRO+ presentation software tool that enables teams and properties to more easily track their sponsors’ assets so they can give them accurate and detailed post-event recap reports. These reports help properties demonstrate that they fulfilled or exceeded what they were supposed to deliver. He didn’t ask me to write about his software, but I wanted to anyway, because I was very impressed with its features and ease-of-use. Tom walked me through a demo (which he’ll happily do for you as well), but you can also see how this works online.

On the admin side, the tool allows properties and teams to create presentations for specific sponsors and catalog and identify assets. You can use some of the built in categories (radio, TV, tickets, etc) or add your own. Within each category, you can assign a description and results to specific assets and upload documents, pictures, and videos to help tell the story of what your sponsors actually received.

After you finish putting in information about each asset, you can easily turn this information into a presentation which you can put on a CD for sponsors. You can include a video intro if you’d like, and you can add any file type–including large audio/video files, spreadsheets, pictures, documents, etc. At anytime during the presentation, you can pull up these specific files to really show the aspects of the program and the results. If you or your sponsors just want to see everything together in a chart, the software enables you to do this as well.

The software isn’t cheap ($699 for the first license and $449 thereafter). However, I think it would pay for itself due to time saved, money saved (on printing costs–no need to print pages and pages of notes and put them in binders anymore) and features that enable you to track assets and results to show sponsors and keep them happy. One thing that may be interesting to develop in the future is an online version of the software, so people can access the data anywhere. But I can see the value in presenting this information in person, so sponsors really get a good picture of what they paid for. And you can always give the sponsor a copy of the presentation so they can look at the data again later.

Has anyone else used or tried this software? If so, what did you think?

  • dan beeman

    Good stuff Jason! Whenever, I am stumped about what to write on my blog, I just go to yours to find some great insights and content. I’ll be sharing this URL in my blog today with your permission:)

  • Clint Musslewhite

    I have to agree, SponsoshipPRO+ is a great presentation tool. I found it very easy to use and our sponsors were impressed with the concept.

  • Daris

    Yes, I’ve used it and thought it was heaven-sent. My partners loved it and it a great tangible demonstration of the partnership.

  • Ginger Walker

    Sponsorship Pro+…this is one of the VERY best things we did on the fulfillment side with our partnerships. The first year we used it, it took a little longer to create our fulfillment reports because we realized how many tangible details, photos, audio and video files we could include so we got busy! The next few years we already had the template set for each partner, so dropping in the current year’s file was quick and our partners LOVE it. They actually review the reports, THANK us for doing them and it has simplified our process in the long run and overall made us much more successful. GREAT POST!!!

  • Cathy Kropff

    VT Rec Sports loves Sponsorship Pro+! We have utilized the software the past 3 years. Our sponsors enjoy the CD packed with photos, reports, and copies of all marketing. They like the fact that the CD is easy to store and/or copy for their supervisors or partners. We have also used the software for sponsorship proposals by entering our sponsorship opportunities and giving that CD to prospective sponsors. Tom is great to work with and we highly recommend Sponsorship Pro+! Thanks for posting!

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    I love the SponsorshipPRO. It is easy to use once you get started and really maximizes your efforts to engage sponsors and also to recap the benefits back to your partners. Tom Stipes was super to work with also!