Sponsor Pitch Connects Sponsors, Properties and Agencies

Sponsor Pitch, which launched in closed beta in early December, aims to connect sponsors, properties and agencies to improve the sponsorship discovery/pitch process for all parties. I first heard about the company from founder Kris Mathis on Sports Marketing 2.0 about a month ago, so I requested an invite to see what it was all about. According to the Sponsor Pitch blog, they recently had their 1,000th beta user sign up, so I thought this might be a good time to explore the site a little more and try to help them get the word out. I really like that they launched in beta and are soliciting feedback and involving their users in the development process.

First, a little more about Sponsor Pitch. The site lets properties to upload a video and add information to explain their pitch and what they are all about. Sponsors can search through pitches based on a variety of criteria to find something they’re interested in. The search criteria includes:

  • Property Genre (arts & culture, sports, charity, etc)
  • Location (city, state and/or zip)
  • Timing
  • Media assets
  • Audience demographics (age, gender, HH income)

After I received my invite code, I signed up as a property so I could explore the site. I searched for sports properties and found that there were already 10+ results, such as the AVP Crocs Tour and The CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournament. Each property has its own page, which includes a logo, description, who to contact, video, existing sponsors, and event location/s. I really liked this layout, which you can see on the AVP Crocs Tour page (and the picture below). Another added benefit here is that people can rate sponsor pitches, and the best ones appear on the “Hot Opps” section of the site. You can also share these pitches on Facebook, LinkedIn, Delicious and some other social sites.

AVP Crocs Tour on Sponsor Pitch

Next, I decided to check out the “My SponsorPitch” section, where properties can enter details about themselves (and I assume sponsors can do the same here). I decided not to do this tonight, but the fields were very easy to navigate and it looked pretty easy to complete.

Other interesting parts of the site include areas for resources, recent news headlines and a place for service providers (agencies, media, etc) to add their own informational pitch.

Overall, I think Sponsor Pitch has a ton of potential and can help save marketers time by allowing them to more easily find and filter sponsorship opportunities according to the criteria that they’re looking for. Did I mention the site is free for both sponsors and properties?

Have you had a chance to look at Sponsor Pitch yet? If so, what are your thoughts?

  • Alex J

    Nice write-up Jason. If the site is free for everyone, how will they monetize?

  • Jason

    Sorry guess I should have mentioned that. It looks like they’ll be seeking their own sponsors and advertisers.

  • http://sponsorpitch.com Kris

    Hi Alex J,

    Jason is correct. Advertising is a component of our initial release and we also plan to offer premium features. Beyond that, we are not yet discussing publicly. We made it free to sign-up because we didn’t want subscription fees to get in the way of our goal, which is to provide marketers with an accurate and evolving representation of the diverse sponsorship opportunities that match their goals at any given point in time.

    Thanks for your question.

  • http://www.UntamedAdventure.com Grant

    I signed up for the Beta code with SponsorPitch, and a few weeks later the code arrived, but I got several errors on the SponsorPitch site just trying to add the basic information about our event. I think I spent 10 minutes on the site and encountered 3 or 4 errors.

  • http://sponsorpitch.com Kris


    Sorry you ran into several technical issues. It is a closed beta for that reason. You may encounter occasional errors. These have most likely been resolved, but feel free to shoot us a note if they have not.

    Here’s a short explanation of how betas typically work:

    As part of the process, you can use the orange feedback button on the right to note errors or make suggestions to improve the community at any time. Thanks.