Top 50 Most Valuable Sports Social Networks According to dnScoop

I thought it would be fun to use the dnScoop tool to get valuations for 50 sports social networks and community sites. I ran 72 sites through the tool, which values sites based on domain age, PageRank, inbound links, Alexa Rank, and Link Value. It doesn’t include two key factors that are usually used to value sites like this – monthly revenue and number of members – not to mention countless other factors that affect a site’s valuation.

It’s important to remember that this is in no way meant to be an accurate picture of a site’s value; this is just one benchmark and it’s not really accurate. In fact, most of these values are really low/off. For example at the end of 2006, FanNation was valued at approximately $60 million, but dnScoop says it’s only worth $11.9 million.

Here are the top 50 sports social networking websites and communities according to dnScoop. This only includes sites that are hosted on their own domain, since the tool values sites based on entire domains. Some of these may not be true social networks (ex: Deadspin) and I could have probably been more thorough with the categories. Remember this is just for fun. Feel free to comments about what you think, but please refrain from trying to start nasty arguments about the valuations–I know they’re not accurate.

Top 50 Most Valuable Sports Social Networks according to dnScoop

  • Mark

    Hey Jason, I know the list isn’t exhaustive but on dnScoop’s totem pole, would slide in at #16…

  • Jason

    Hey Mark,

    Good point. Sorry I left you off.

  • Lewis

    Thanks for the information Jason. I wonder which sports social networking site is valued the highest with all variables included, (not just from dnScoop). Any ideas?


  • Dean

    Jason…I am glad that you put the disclaimer in your article that this is just for fun. Because a sites true valuation is based on a lot more criteria than dnScoop.

    For example, management team, existing funding, content, users, market size/potential, partnerships, and I could name 100 more factors.

    Not to mention the fact that Alexa is not regarded as a reliable source to gauge traffic. Quantcast, Compete, and Comscore are all more reliable. Also…for newer sites, it takes a while for any of those tracking sites to catch up with traffic data.

    Our site, is ranked 477,655 on Alexa and 59,948 on Quantcast. Quantcast shows that we are attracting 32,000 uniques. In fact, we use several analytic tools, but for simplicity sake, our Google analytics show that we attracted over 75,000 uniques this month. But our site is only 3 months old and we have only been marketing it for 2 month. So those numbers will continue to explode.

    But if you do want to use dnScoop, we are valued at $37,183. So we should be #28 on your list. But for the record…our valuation is about 270x higher than that.

    But great blog and keep up the good work. You do a great job tracking the sites in the space.

  • Jason


    Sorry I missed your site. And yeah this was completely for fun and not meant to be a true representation of any site’s real value–just one fun way to compare a bunch of sites.

  • Lisa

    It’s a crime that didn’t make the list. Best sports social network ever!

  • Jason

    Hey Lisa,

    Sorry I missed you, but according to dnScoop (which of course is the ultimate valuation tool…kidding) thelotd wouldn’t have made the top 50.

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  • Kevin Jerge

    How does the Atlanta Falcons site stack up?

  • Jason

    Hey Kevin,

    Looks like it would come in at #37 above iStadia. Sorry I missed it.

  • Christy

    Here is a new social community for sports fans. Check it out at

  • Jennie Burraway

    The latest sports social network to BETA is – brilliant for both disabled and abled bodies sports – for ALL sports, over 200 listed and more going on every day. The league capability is being updated currently to use ‘Fixtures Live’ code.

    There’s a Ballz Jounalist scheme that anyone can get involved with promoting grassroots jounalism, SMS capability and a shop to buy just about any piece of sporting equipment available for just about all sports and It’s still in the BETA stages so feel free to feedback your comments Jason!

    Best regards and thanks, Jennie

  • Dave is a great site with tremendous potential

  • Oscar

    Hey Jason, not sure what that tool is but I wish it had picked up Asia Pacific’s largest sports networking site Thousands of users and growing daily. Anyway, good idea getting the list together

  • sports crazy forum

    Make a new post of similar social networks this time make use of cubestats, website outlook and dnscoop it would be a interesting chart this time around..lets see who wins and who loses out..

  • Mark

    Hey Jason, you may also want to check out, they done a pretty good job a building a social network for youth sports teams.

  • Anthony

    Hey Jason I just wanted to mention our new site. Just like the song from Ludacris “we’re coming for that number 1 spot”

    Look us up in the upcoming months for our massive take over.

    Best Regards to everyone, we hope you can all can become members.
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