50 Sports Social Networking Websites

**I put this list together over almost 3 years ago. I have stopped updating it, so please do not email me asking me to include your site here.

Building on my last list of sports social networks, 25+ Sports Social Networking Websites, here’s an updated list of sports-related social networks that reflects your feedback as well as some other sites I’ve discovered:

FYI, in some cases it is unclear how many members some of these communities actually have, but I at least wanted to provide this list because I think there is a growing opportunity for certain niche social networks (especially in sports, which is such a huge passion and part of daily life). While some of these sites may die, others will thrive and continue to be “passion hubs” for avid fans and participants of specific sports, teams and leagues.


MyAFL logo

MyAFL – MyAFL is the official community of the Arena Football League. Allows fans to set up profiles and share videos, photos and blogs.

Fan Voice – Fan Voice is the NBA’s official social network. It allows fans to create profiles, connect with other NBA fans and discuss players, fantasy teams and more

NHL Connect – NHL Connect is the official fan community of the National Hockey League and includes groups, videos and photos.

RodeoUp – RodeoUp is the official video community for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

Pro Teams

I Am A Trail Blazers Fan logo

I Am A Trail Blazers Fan – The Portland Trail Blazers were the first NBA team to launch a social networking site. The site allows fans from all over to connect with each other and includes a non-profit/charity element that allows people to volunteer for projects to help improve the community.

Planet Orange - Planet Orange is the official social network for Phoenix Suns fans. Planet Orange “Citizens” can post pictures, videos, blogs; join groups; and chat about the team on a message board.

MyColts.net – MyColts.net is a community that allows Indianapolis Colts fans to connect and show their Colts pride. Includes blogs, photos, surveys, groups and Colts Cred, a points system that gives fans incentive to use the site and create good content. Has over 16K registered users.

Broncos Country – Broncos Country is an online community for fans of the Denver Broncos. Similar to MyColts, fans can earn points for posting pictures, videos and blogs and will eventually be able to redeem them for exclusive access and team merchandise.

College Sports

HuskerSpot.com – HuskerSpot.com is a community for Univ. of Nebraska sports fans. Users can create a profile, watch videos, view pictures, write in personal blogs, and discuss Husker sports.

SportsWar – SportsWar is a unique aggregator of 29 collegiate sports social networks, which reach about 2 million unique users per month. Check out the list of their sites.


FanNation logo

FanNation – FanNation is a general sports social networking site tha has a news and stats focus. Its partners include Sports Illustrated and CNN.

Fanspot – Fanspot is a sports social network that features fan clubs, blogs, team stats and photos. The site’s design could be better.

iLovetoPlay.com – This site is a meeting place where sports participants and organizations can find each other, communicate. Users can organize sports activities, find a training partner, and find places to play.

FreetheFan.com – FreetheFan.com is a place for sports fans to create profiles and debate sports headlines, win prizes and share opinions and videos.

SportsMates logo

SportsMates – SportsMates is a global sports social networking site that includes 1000s of communities, blogs, fan directories and photos.

isporty – This sports social network is for general sports fans and is built on the premise that sports is a major force in connecting people.

Comenplay.com – Global sports social networking site Comenplay.com brings athletes together so they can improve their health and fitness, meet new friends and play more sports.

Sportsvite – Sportsvite is a community that includes tools to help people organize pick-up games, find other players and keep track of stats and team events, such as practices and games.

UltraFan – UltraFan is another general sports community that allows people to participate in message boards, post and comment on pictures, videos and profile pages.

Fanzak – Fanzak gives members personal homepages with scores, team news, weather, friends lists, and a place to share their thoughts

sportme (coming soon) – sportme is a UK-based sports social network that focuses on individual athletes, teams and clubs.

Extreme/Action Sports
ZexSports.com logo

ZexSports.com – ZexSports.com is a community for extreme sport athlete and fans. It includes sports such as BMX biking, river rafting, rock climbing, wake boarding and kayaking.

Sk8site – Sk8site is a community for skateboarders to share videos and pictures. Includes skaters such as Jereme Rogers, Transworld’s 2005 Rookie of the Year.

Surfspot – Surfspot is a yet-to-be-finished social networking for surfers. Coming soon…

Motocross.com – Motocross.com is a portal site that includes community elements such as video and photo sharing.

High School Sports


TAKKLE - TAKKLE is a high school sports social networking site where students, athletes, coaches, and fans can share their passion for sport. Sports Illustrated is an investor and offers its Top 100 High School Football Player Rankings on the site.

TRU Preps – TRU Preps is a social networking site for high school athletes that was started by MaxPreps in the summer of 2007 and gives high school athletes a profile page for their sports achievements, stats, photos and video highlights.

High School Playbook – This site allows high school athletes and fans to discuss high school sports and share pictures and videos.


SkiSpace logo

SkiSpace .com – Founded by skier Bode Miller, SkiSpace.com provides members with the ability to share user generated content such as mobile photo uploads, skiing action videos and ski lifestyle videos. Site is coming soon (expected winter 2007).

SkiNet – SkiNet allows skiing enthusiasts to create a profile, upload pictures/videos and find other skiers to connect with.


Gyminee Logo

Gyminee - Gyminee lets you to track your workouts and results, join others who are fitness-focused and brag to your “GymBuddies” whenever you reach one of your goals.

Nike+ – Nike+ is an online community where runners can download and share their workout music mixes, track your times and results, and compete/talk trash with other Nike+ runners.

FitLink - FitLink calls itself “social fitness.” The site lets you find workout partners, track your workouts and find gyms in your area, in addition to the standard social networking elements.

Walker Tracker – Walker Tracker is a place for walking enthusiasts to track their steps and compete with friends or one of Walker Tracker’s mythical characters.


Access Athletes logo

Access Athletes - AccessAthletes is a professional and social community that connects athletes, agents, and the media across the globe so that they can communicate with each other more effectively and efficiently. The site is also open to the general public.

iStadia – iStadia is the global networking, marketing and information service that brings together sport and exercise professionals, sports businesses and athletes.

Other Sports

Infield Parking Logo

Infield Parking – Infield Parking brings together race fans and allows them to connect and share pictures, photos, videos and blogs with their friends and fellow racing fans.

GolfLink – Golf Link is an online community for golfers. People can create profiles, view tips, articles and videos geared at helping improve their game, and check out descriptions of over 20,000 golf courses in the US.

FootyHeads FanSpot – FootyHeads FanSpot is a community for fans of Australian rules football to connect and share content online.

Angling Masters – An online community for avid fishermen, Angling Masters lets individuals build profile pages (“cabins”) and gives businesses pages (“marinas” and “lodges”) to promote their products and services.

OleOle - OleOle is an online community for football(soccer) enthusiasts all over the world. Incudes pictures, blogs, videos and opportunity to participate in a fantasy game.

UltimateFrisbee.com – This is a portal site for Ultimate Frisbee fanatics that includes videos, photos, groups and message boards.

SwimRoom – Launched in early 2007, SwimRoom is a online community for swimmers that includes swimming-related blogs, podcasts, photos and groups and support from athletes such as Katie Hoff and Michael Phelps.

BikeSpace – BikeSpace is an online community for bikers, allowing them to create profiles, share photos and map their favorite routes.

Sixer – Sixer is the social network for fans of cricket.

SportsWar – SportsWar is a unique aggregator of 29 collegiate sports social networks, which reach about 2 million unique users per month. Check out the list of their sites.

Sports and Social Bookmarking and Others

Ballhype logo

Ballhype – Sports community that pulls in content from thousands of sports blogs. Similar to Digg, users can submit their own stories or “hype up” other stories; if the story gets voted on enough, it will make it to the front page.

Deadspin – Sports blog community that offers a non-politically correct (and hilarious) approach to sports blogs, news and stories.

YardBarker – Yardbarker is an aggregator news site that pulls in user-generated content to offer people a hub to consume unfiltered sports news and stories. Individuals can submit articles, vote on them and leave comments. Some of the athletes who post regularly on Yardbarker include Carmelo Anthony, Greg Oden, Baron Davis, Ray Lewis, Donovan McNabb and John Lackey.

SportsAG – SportsAG is a “Digg-like” sports news/blog aggregator that lets people submit and vote on sports stories.

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  • http://montrealsocialmedia.com montreal social media

    i dont know if we should consider fishing a sport, but anyway there is this great community at http://www.bountyfishing.com + that 2.0 website made by nike http://www.joga.com/,

  • http://www.walkingspree.com Lisa

    Another community based around walking with a usb pedometer is WalkingSpree, http://www.walkingspree.com

    We have all age groups, including 80 year old members on our site embracing technology, going strong with over 15,000 steps per day and putting younger walkers to shame:)

  • http://www.sportsfananza.com John

    Check out http://www.sportsfananza.com – this should be added to your list.

  • http://www.sportme.org Dani Warshager

    Hey Jason, http://www.sportme.org is already online and growing quickly. Take a Peek!



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  • http://www.bleacherreport.com Dave

    We’re not a pure social network, but you need Bleacher Report on your list, http://www.bleacherreport.com

  • http://www.fanu.com Dave

    One of the best socially interactive sports fan websites is FanU.com. Check it out. http://www.fanu.com

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  • Jason

    I appreciate all your feedback on the ones I left out. It’s pretty amazing how many niche sites there are.

  • http://www.picktastic.com Tim

    Picktastic is a newer one also where you compete against friends to pick the winners of sporting events.


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  • http://www.loopd.com Loop’d

    You can’t forget about Loop’d.com – Your sports. Connected.

  • http://www.thefanyard.com Blake

    TheFanYard.com is also a sports social network with a purpose. We facilitate having sports fans make weekly predictions on the outcome of football and basketball games. Free to register and use, and those who predict accurately get huge cudos and bragging rights. Probably the easiest pick’em tool out there to use developed in Ruby on Rails and Ajax. http://www.thefanyard.com

  • http://www.thevad.com drew

    Another new one – theVAD.com

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  • http://www.rotomania.com Jonathan

    For anyone that’s into fantasy sports, Rotomania.com is coming out with some very cool features. It is a social network where sports fans can get news updates, ask for advice and more. This is definitely going to be a major player in the fantasy sports arena.

  • http://www.indiancricketleague.com Shauvik Kumar

    I think http://www.indiancricketleague.com is much better and not so commercial. It is much more grassroots and very user friendly for the sports enthusiast.

  • http://www.crowdpicks.com Jeff

    Don’t forget http://www.crowdpicks.com the best sports picking social network out there.

  • http://www.sportingpulse.com mySport

    mySport is the biggest sports social network in Australia. It’s connected to SportingPulse’s vast network of league and club websites, which allows to display your fixtures, results and ladders on your mySport website. Check it out at http://www.sportingpulse.com

  • http://www.ItsaboutGAA.com Sean Byrne


    Don’t forget http://www.ItsaboutGAA.com – Its a social Network for all the GAA fans around the world!


  • http://rotomania.com Jeff

    Rotomania.com is something fantasy sports fans need to check out. Look for some really cool features to be launched in time for baseball season!

  • http://Yousport.com yousport

    Welcome to the future of sports recreation and social networking. Get off the sidelines and into the game! Request an invitation to play with our beta at


    • Talent – upload your videos and show the world you have what it takes,show us your skills!

    • Team Manager – keep your team organized and updated with Yousport’s Team Manager

    • Locker Room – buy and sell your sports gear, find a new teammate or a new team

  • http://www.fantasysportsmatrix.com Jim

    Fantasy Sports Matrix is a website to consider. It’s a fan-driven sports network that covers all sports and has user dashboards where fans can create an avatar and profile. You can submit content like videos, blogs, polls, play competitions.

  • http://www.zathlete.com Luke

    Zathlete has the best video capabilities of any site. They are still in beta but some nice features.

  • http://www.yourteamonline.ca Chris

    Hey Jason,

    You might want to check out our site for hockey and soccer teams. It is a communication team network that is mashed up with Google Maps, flickr, snipshot and we are currently integrating revver and twitter. Check it out. http://www.yourteamonline.ca We even have our own monthly sportswire.

    Would love to hear what you think.


  • http://www.iRoto.com Mike

    Definitely check out http://www.iRoto.com for a user-friendly, independent social network. They have a cool feature called the iRoto Rep that rates evryone in the community.

  • http://ubersportz.com Hamish

    Ubersportz.com is a great new social networking site for sports, it’s still pretty young but once it gets going it will be great

  • http://www.pursuetheoutdoors.com/ PursueTheOutdoors

    http://www.pursuetheoutdoors.com/ is a social network for hunters, anglers, and oudoor enthusiasts.

  • http://www.youcastr.com Ariel

    Creating the next generation sports network, where fans can broadcast live audio commentary, create their own sports talk shows, and interact with other fans in real time.

    Check it out.

  • http://www.tennisopolis.com Mark

    Hi Jason. Great list, and thanks for the opportunity for webmasters to post their sports social networks here. Tennisopolis is the biggest tennis social network with over 2700 members today and hundreds of local tennis meet-up groups. http://www.tennisopolis.com thanks, Mark

  • http://www.soccerp.com SoccerP.com

    We think you should add SoccerP.com…surprise! SoccerP is an awesome new soccer community where users post, vote and comment about soccer news. There is also a pretty cool friends section where you can set up pick up games with other soccer players.

  • http://www.teampages.com Lesley Bidlake

    Hey Jason,

    You should visit TeamPages: http://www.teampages.com
    It’s an online scheduling and communication tool for all amateur sports teams (athletes, coaches, managers, parents). Not only can members talk sports, but its a great central location for communicating, organizing your entire season, tracking player and team statistics, or uploading a motivational video. Plus it gives you an easy solution to scheduling and complete team organization. It’s a pretty cool site – definitely give it a peak.

  • http://www.tennisplayers.net Find a Tennis Partner

    I would like to suggest another sports social network I found useful. This is for tennis players and is called Tennis Players Network http://www.tennisplayers.net. This site allows you to search for a tennis partner in your area by searching by ZIP codes. It’s free to join and search.

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  • http://ubersportz.com Hamish

    I spoke to you a while ago Jason about including my site ubersportz.com, I have made several improvements now if would like to have a look.

  • http://www.tennistour.org Brent

    Great list of sites. I would like to recommend my favorite tennis site. TennisTour.Org

    It started out as a tennis league but the free match finding capabilities have become so popular that it’s become one of the top site for finding tennis players.

    Just take a quick look at the site. Players can use the automated match scheduler to find players to play based on skill, time, and range from their home. The current players are all mapped out on the google map.
    enjoy the tennis!

  • Sam

    I am a great fan of cricket. I love Sixer website. It’s one of the finest social networking site for cricket fans.

    I am able to connect to fans from around the world and join my favorite player club

  • Sam

    forgot to add the url http://www.sixer.tv

  • http://www.sportsfly.com Vishal

    Another cool site I’ve come across is http://www.sportsfly.com. If you like playing video games but dont have the time while at work and what not, sportsfly lets you play online sports games for free.

  • http://www.collegefanz.com RudeDog

    I still like http://www.collegefanz.com, It seems to be growing and improving every week.

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  • http://myblackhawks.blogspot.com/ BlackHawk Matt

    Remember the roar………….

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