Wacky Promotion Ideas

I apologize for the light posting recently. I've been traveling for work and am going down to Atlanta tomorrow for the Georgia Tech-UNC football game. While on the plane today, I was inspired by reading Fun is Good and I started brainstorming some crazy, off-the wall promotion ideas that sports teams could try. Here's the best of the worst:

Barry Bonds Honesty Day - Inspired by Barry's repeated denials of knowingly using PEDs, fans can talk/write about a time they  got caught for something and kept denying it, even when all evidence pointed the opposite way. The best denial wins free seat upgrades and a lie-detector test in between innings to see if he/she was really telling the truth or not.

Barry Bonds

Scott Boras Exaggeration Day - The man obviously way over-valued A-Rod and exaggerated his worth. On this special night, select fans give interviews about their wife/husband and the best exaggerator wins...

Rain Dance Night - We had a big drought in the Southeast this summer. While this was a serious issue and water restrictions had to be put in place, why not add a little humor to the situation and stage rain dance contests in between innings. The winner gets a year's supply of bottled water from whoever the water/beverage sponsor is.

That's all for now. Trust me when I say the rest of my ideas should never see the light of day. Peanut Butter and Jelly Night anyone??