What Is a Media Snacker?

Apparently, I'm a Media Snacker. I got tagged by Ben over at Blogging Experiment in the latest meme (a sort of online chain letter where someone tags 5 people and each of them tag 5 people, etc), which discusses Media Snackers--what they are and if you respect them or not. What is a Media Snacker, you say? The short version is that they are people who keep up with the latest trends and consume and media, news and entertainment when they want, how they want, where they want, and how often they want--which is basically all the time. Check out the video to see more about what a Media Snacker is (I'm not a video expert and I can't get this thing to embed properly)

So, yeah I'm a Media Snacker. Online, I consume enough media to feed a small country, and I always have about 10 tabs open at once because I'm a super multi-tasker/have a super-short attention span. I keep up with all the sports marketing/business blogs I know of as well as a bunch of advertising and social networking blogs. But I actually am not as media savvy when it comes to cell phones. I don't use my phone for blogging or video or music, though I do use it for pictures sometimes. If I lived in a big city, this would be different, as I'd probably be taking the train to work and have lots of time to kill. But as it is now, I drive everywhere so that doesn't leave much time for sitting around and doing things with the phone.

On to the main question--Do you respect Media Snackers? I'd have to say yes, because I think we have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and always want to do more in less time. You've got to admire people who are curious and always creating and consuming and not just sitting around and doing nothing.

But being a Media Snacker is often tough. Most of my friends don't see the point of reading 50 blogs a day or keeping up with every piece of news I find interesting. And to some extent, they have a point. I've actually tried to cut down on my snacking, so I actually can focus on getting things done, instead of just consuming new information. Sometimes you have to limit the amount of information you take in, since more information does not always lead to better work and better decisions. You have to focus your snacking, so you're getting the right stuff and not a bunch of junk.

Now I have to tag 5 people to keep the meme going (not like it depends on just me though) I'll go with:

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