Sports Business Blog Carnival Number 1

Welcome to the first edition of the Sports Business Blog Carnival. Created in the spirit of Carnival of the Capitalists, this bi-weekly series will feature some of the best articles relating to sports business, sports marketing, sponsorship, and the intersection of sports and social media.

There are some great posts here from some of the Blogosphere's brightest sports business minds. The goal of this carnival is to provide different perspectives on a wide variety of sports business topics, trends and news. I'll start out by hosting these carnivals, but I'd like to establish a schedule where someone different hosts the carnival each time. The next edition will be published October 8, and the cutoff for submissions is October 7 at 5pm Eastern Time. You can submit an article here.

Here are the articles for this edition in random order. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for submitting.

Mark at SportsBiz writes that golf has decided to join other major leagues and start a drug testing program. He says that there are a few things could come out of this. 1) John Daly has a year to get clean before the PGA TOUR begins testing and 2) Golf could rejoin the Olympics if its drug policy is in compliance with WADA standards.

Brent from Playbooks and Profits, reports on the dominant theme of Nike's annual shareholder meeting: Why aren't the annual meetings fun anymore?

At the Biz of Baseball, Kurt Hunzeker gives us The Busch Corollary, a mathematical model for obtaining a value (and loss of value) for second-hand naming rights to an arena/stadium. Interestingly, he says "It does not matter if the name is corporate-based (i.e. San Diego’s PETCO Park) or a family name (Cleveland’s Jacobs Field)"

David at Biz of Basketball gives us an in-depth look at Phil Jackson's accomplishments and how he got Michael Jordan to buy into his system.

Basketball mogul Sonny Vaccaro recently spoke at Harvard Law School, one of his stops on his tour where he isn't afraid to give his honest opinions about college and professional sports and the exploitation of college athletes. Michael at Sports Law Blog gives us some reactions to Vaccaro's speech at Harvard.

Floyd Landis was recently stripped of his Tour de France title. Howard Bloom at Sports Business News provides details of Landis' efforts to fight his positive drug test. Ultimately, Landis must own up to his mistake and move on with his life.

Darren at Sports Agent Blog provides a perspective on Donovan McNabb's recent comments about the treatment of black quarterbacks.

The Starting Five also examines McNabb's recent comments and comes to the conclusion that while we know a lot about what goes on in professional sports, we never really know the exact truth. There's a battle going on between those who want to maintain the status quo and those who want to reveal the truth.

The market for OJ Simpson memorabilia has come alive once again as a result of OJ's recent shenanigans. Darren Rovell gives us his valuations of some hot OJ memorabilia (if they actually were for sale), included the famed "if it don't fit you must acquit" glove.

Lastly, I had the opportunity to interview a couple guys from KickApps about the intersection of sports and social media. Check out the interview here.